We design, construct, and manufacture within the European Union,
crafting our acclaimed, world-class car mats from the finest certified raw materials,
utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and employing highly skilled specialists.

What is most important to us?

Niezależny producent

Independent producer
in the centre of Europe
– technological advantage

FroGum’s headquarters, the heart of our production magic, is situated in Poland. Our state-of-the-art facilities house a comprehensive range of functions, ensuring that every stage of production, from granulate mixing and TPE sheet and rubber manufacturing to car floor scanning, mould design, and the final production of car mats, is conducted in-house at this central European hub.

This integrated approach grants us complete oversight over the entire production process, enabling us to uphold quality at every stage. By controlling the entire chain—from design to production and inventory management—we guarantee the excellence of every car and boot mat delivered to our customers.

Our partners can rest assured that their orders will be fulfilled promptly and to the highest standards of quality.


Niezależność od poddostawców

Independence of suppliers

The reliability of our supply chain and stability of our pricing set us apart in the market.

FroGum consistently anticipates future needs and prepares for a wide range of scenarios. Our independence from market fluctuations in raw materials is ensured by maintaining a substantial inventory of materials needed for our car mats production. This approach guarantees that our Partners can have peace of mind, knowing their orders will be fulfilled promptly and at competitive prices.


Ecological Producer

FroGum is a producer of rubber and TPE products committed to environmental sustainability.

We prioritize the protection of the natural environment, ensuring that our car mats and manufacturing processes are safe, efficient, and eco-friendly. Our operations and high-quality materials undergo certification and are designed to minimize environmental impact, as verified by environmental assessments. Engaging in zero waste management practices and emphasizing recycling are central to our ethos.

Our expert team is adept in effective waste management techniques, enabling us to significantly reduce waste generation. We proactively manage and recycle all unutilized raw materials from our production processes. Furthermore, our manufacturing operations are guided by the principles of energy conservation and the utilization of certified materials, underscoring our commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Stałe wysokie zatowarowanie

High stocks

Ensuring the stability of orders is paramount for us.

To fulfill our Partners’ expectations and ensure uninterrupted service, FroGum has made significant investments in state-of-the-art warehousing facilities. Prior to the onset of the peak season in September, we maintain an inventory of approximately 300,000 car mats. This substantial stockpile in our warehouses allows us to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete orders.



Doskonały serwis po-sprzedażowy

Excellent post-sales services

Our business partners are our top priority.

We are committed to surpassing their expectations, which is why we offer services of the highest caliber. Our experienced and reliable trading division is there to assist at every step of the order process, from placement to addressing any concerns. Confident in the quality of our car mats, we back our products with a long-term guarantee.

Our partners can rest assured, knowing that we will spare no effort to ensure their complete satisfaction.


Producent opatentowanych wzorów frogum

of patented

FroGum holds numerous patents on our car mats, significantly contributing to the global advancement of rubber car accessories. Our team of technologists and engineers innovate with unique designs and materials, laying a robust foundation for future growth with confidence.

For our range of brands—including ProLine, No.77, El Toro, DryZone—we have secured patents across Europe, safeguarding our industrial designs under the European Union’s protection regulations. Moreover, the luxury Pro-Line design is patented in the United States through the US Patent and Trademark Office, underscoring our commitment to innovation and legal protection on a global scale.


International exporter

We always look to the future and focus on development!
Our expansion in the world markets is a key priority of our operations.
At present FroGum distributes its products to over 30 countries all over the world.


FroGum is the Constructor of Tomorrow

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At FroGum, we offer our business partners more than just exceptional products; we promise stability, convenience, and profitability as a steadfast commitment. We firmly believe that the pillars of reliability, transparency, and honesty lay the groundwork for impeccable, rewarding business interactions, facilitating the generation of ever-increasing revenue in a seamless and straightforward manner.

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