We design, construct and produce in the European Union.
To create our highly regarded world-class car mats, we use the best
certified raw materials and the latest technologies
and we employ qualified specialists.

What is most important to us?

Niezależny producent

Independent producer
in the centre of Europe
– technological advantage

The registered office of FroGum, where the whole magic of production takes place, is located in Poland. Our modern facilities combine many functions: all production processes are carried out at our company, including granulate mixing, TPE sheet and rubber manufacturing, car floor scanning, mould designing and manufacturing for each model, final car mat manufacturing. All operations are performed in one comfortable location in central Europe.

This means that have full control over the whole production process and we can take care of quality at each production stage. As we own the whole chain from design through to production and inventory management, we are sure that each of our car and boot mats that reaches customers is as good as it should be.

Our Partners are certain that their orders will be met on time and the quality will be first-rate.

Niezależność od poddostawców

Independence of suppliers

The certainty of supplies and the constancy of prices are our distinctive features in the market.

At FroGum, we always look forward and provide for almost any circumstance. To be fully independent of various conditions in the market of raw materials, we always keep a large stock of materials used to manufacture our car mats. Therefore, our Partners can stay calm that their orders will be met on time at competitive prices.

Ecological Producer

FroGum is an environment-friendly producer of rubber and TPE products.

We take care of the natural environment. This means that are car mats and production processes must be safe, effective and environment-friendly. Our production processes and first-rate raw materials are certified and have the minimum environmental impact, which is confirmed with environmental tests. We are involved in the zero waste management and recycling is the apple of our eye.

Our professional staff is trained in correct waste management, which lets us reduce the quantity of wastes. We actively control wastes and process all unused raw materials resulting from the production of our tools and products. Our production processes are based on the balanced management of energy and the use of certified raw materials.

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Stałe wysokie zatowarowanie

High stocks

The stability of orders is our priority.

To meet our Partners’ expectations and orders without interruption, FroGum has invested in modern warehouse facilities. Before the season, which commences in September, we have the stock of around 300,000 car mats. Due to such a high warehouse stock, we minimise order fulfilment time.


Doskonały serwis po-sprzedażowy

Excellent post-sales services

Our business partners are number one for us.

We always try to exceed their expectations. That is why we provide world-class services. Our stable and experienced trading division provides support at each ordering stage: from the placement of an order through to complaint handling. We are certain of the quality of our car mats and our products are subject to a many-years’ guarantee.

All our Partners can stay calm because they know we will use all efforts to keep them satisfied.

Producent opatentowanych wzorów frogum

of patented

FroGum has many patents on our car mats, which is an important contribution to the world development of rubber car accessories. Our technologists and engineers develop unique designs and innovative materials. Thanks to such foundations, we can look to the future with confidence.

In Europe, we patented designs for each of our brands: ProLine, No.77, El Toro, DryZone. We protect our industrial designs all over Europe based on the EU industrial design protection regulations. In addition, the design of our luxury Pro-Line is patented in the USPTO in the USA.

International exporter

We always look to the future and focus on development!
Our expansion in the world markets is a key priority of our operations.
At present FroGum distributes its products to over 30 countries all over the world.


FroGum is the Constructor of Tomorrow

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We offer our business partners not only excellent quality products, but also stability, convenience and profit – and we treat it as a commitment. We believe that reliability, transparency and honesty are the basis for perfect, satisfying business relationships and for generating more and more income in an easy and convenient way.

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