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ProLine car mats

Features of the ProLine mat
Dywanik ProLine
Dead pedal - the comfort zone for putting down the driver's foot.
Perfect fit thanks to the innovative 3D SCAN technology.
Exceptional stability thanks to matching stoppers - easy to install on a click.
In addition, the reinforced top edge - up to 7 cm - will always protect against dirt.
Extremely durable material with a unique anti-slip structure resistant to dirt.
  • Premium
  • Safe
  • Lifetime
  • Odourless
    with delicate
    vanilla scent

Complex offer

In line with the continuous expansion of our model range, FroGum specialists have prepared

specialist luxury ProLine 3D floor mats for cars, vans and trucks

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  • vans
  • trucks

ProLine patented

In Europe, we have patented designs for each of our brands.

The design of our luxury Pro-Line is patented by the USPTO in the USA.

  • EUIPO-frogum
  • Department of Commerce

What makes
ProLine car mats

Luksusowy komfort i unikalne prestiżowe wykończenia

MaxEdge Technology ™
Comprehensive protection and excellent stability

ProLine car mats set the standard with an unparalleled feature: the market's highest edges, reaching up to 7 cm. This design ensures that all dirt and debris stay contained within the mat, preventing any spread throughout your vehicle. Consequently, your car remains protected against unwanted elements, maintaining cleanliness and order.

Kompleksowa ochrona i doskonała stabilność

PowerHalt Unique Surface Technology ™
Luxurious comfort
and unique prestigious finishes

ProLine car mats blend elegance with enhanced safety through their unique material structure, offering both an exquisite aesthetic effect and superior anti-slip performance. With their distinctive design, these mats not only personalize but elevate the interior of your vehicle, making it unmistakably unique. ProLine mats are designed to transform your car’s interior into a statement of individual character and style, ensuring that it stands out in every aspect.

proline dywaniki ultraflex polymer

UltraFlex Dual Polymer Technology ™
Extreme durability and strength

- is a unique composition of two materials with the highest resistance
to abrasion even under extreme conditions. It retains its flexibility and elasticity
-50 degrees C to +110 degrees C. ProLine car mats are also resistant to chemicals,
UV and abrasion. The material of ProLine car mats is definitely the thickest
and most durable of the entire FroGum® product range.

Atestowane materiały podlegające recyklingowi

Certified recyclable materials Safety
and modern environmental protection

ProLine car mats are made of certified materials that are harmless to health,
respecting the protection of the environment - the material is 100% recyclable.

proline idealne dopasowanie 3d scan

Perfect match
Innovative 3D Scan

Our experts precisely use innovative 3D technology they scan
the interiors of cars so that the rug fits perfectly for a specific car model.
After the prototype is made, each model is tried on "live" and only then released
for production mass. Technologists take into account not only
the make and model of the car, but also the year of manufacture, and in justified cases

Dead pedal

Dead pedal

- a unique comfort zone for putting away the driver's foot.

Banner dywanika ProLine
ProLine - wield power wield strength
  • Innovative
    3D Scan
  • Guarantee
    and convenience
  • Unique
    TPE material
  • Modern

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of our mats

Perfect match *** *** ***
Material TPE TPE Rubber
Edge to 7cm to 4cm 1,5cm
Fastening Fixing clips Fixing clips Prepared for the mounting system – holes
Odorless with a delicate vanilla aroma * * *
Surface structure Power Halt Unique Surface Power Halt Unique Surface
Edge reinforcement Max Edge Max Edge
Strengthening under the pedals *
Dead Pedal * *
Non-slip surface * * *
Temperature resistance * * *
Maintenance and cleaning Easy Easy Easy
Protection level Maximum High Regular
Eco product * * *
Weight 3,8 kg 3,7 kg 4,5 kg
The most important features Top quality and style Good value for money Durable and inexpensive
Car mats * * *
Van mats * * *
Truck mats * *