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Designer of Tomorrow


European leader in change in the automotive rubber accessories industry. For many years, it has been recognized by demanding automotive enthusiasts  as a reliable manufacturer of excellent car mats of unsurpassed quality.

  • Modern
  • Ecological recycling
    and zero waste
  • Matched system
    and fastening
  • Odorless with a delicate
    vanilla aroma

We translate our over 35 years of international experience into continuous development and investments in modern warehouses and production lines, respecting the requirements of sustainable development and the idea of ​​”zero waste” and recycling.

Delivering the best products on the market requires precision, experience and high caliber talent. We are proud to say that the competent, creative FroGum team works hard to continuously improve our car mats and boot liners. Future visions and great implementations are created in the FroGum Product Development Center. Our product development engineers, R&D, engineers, design department, and manufacturing and marketing come together to create the best car mats and trunk mats, from concept to logistics.

The comfort of our clients is a goal that we never lose sight of.

What makes us stand out

  • Guarantee
  • Comprehensive
  • Certified
    quality of products
  • Reliability
    and supply

Frogum quality

  • Competitor's car mat after six months of use the edges stick out from the walls of the car
  • Frogum car mat after 2 years of use perfectly adheres to the the car


Our commitment to quality is reflected in continuous certification
– all products have quality certificates confirming world quality, they are made of certified raw materials.

  • EUIPO-frogum
  • Department of Commerce

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At FroGum, we offer our business partners more than just exceptional products; we promise stability, convenience, and profitability as a steadfast commitment. We firmly believe that the pillars of reliability, transparency, and honesty lay the groundwork for impeccable, rewarding business interactions, facilitating the generation of ever-increasing revenue in a seamless and straightforward manner.

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