el toro dywaniki samochodoweel toro gumowe dywaniki samochodowe

El Toro car inserts are all-year-round and durable – waterproof and frost-resistant, retain elasticity and do not deform even at high temperatures, are also resistant to chemicals.

el toro gumowe wycieraczki samochodoweel toro wycieraczki gumowe

El Toro rubber mats are super easy to clean – just wipe with a cloth or rinse with water and washing up liquid. They are very resistant, so you can also use a pressure washer. They are completely hassle-free and reliable.

proLine wkładka do bagażnikaproline wkładka do samochodu

The ProLine trunk mat is extremely easy to clean – just wipe with a cloth or rinse with soap and water. Due to its high resistance, you can also use a pressure washer. It is completely hassle-free – it does not require any additional maintenance, so it saves your precious time.

proline wkładka do bagażnikaproline wkładka do bagażnika

It’s very simple – the ProLine trunk mat is very light and plastic, so when you take the mat out of the box, the outside – you will recognize it thanks to the protruding grooves – spread it on the floor and gently shape the protruding outer high edges. Then unfold the ProLine inlay in your mat, directly onto the upholstery, and you’re done! The perfect fit of the ProLine car mat is ensured by innovative 3D scanning – so you can be sure that the mat will fit not only a specific car model, but also the year and even the body.

dryZone wkładka do bagażnikadryZone wkładka do samochodu

Yes, the TPE material from which car mats and car inserts are made is odorless, non-toxic – does not contain latex, cadmium, lead or harmful PVC. They are 100% recycled from certified material! For your comfort, the mats are enriched with a subtle, very delicate and non-irritating aroma of vanilla.

proline no.77 dywaniki samochodoweproline no.77 dywaniki do samochodu

ProLine and No.77 car mats are all-year-round and extremely durable – waterproof and frost-resistant thanks to the innovative proprietary TPE FroGum material – UltraFlex Dual Polymer Technology – they retain their elasticity and do not deform even at -50 degrees C to +110 degrees C. They are also very resistant to chemicals.

no.77dywanik samochodowyno.77 dywanik do samochodu

The No.77 car mat is made of a year-round durable TPE Premium material and is an excellent solution that is a bit cheaper due to the lower edges of the carpet. The luxurious ProLine 3D scan Perfect Fit car mat is a modern three-dimensional mat that covers not only the floor but also the upholstery thanks to the maximum edge of 7 cm – not only keeps it clean, but also protects the entire interior of the car. Thanks to modern technologies such as MaxEdge or PowerHalt Unique Surface Technology, you gain luxurious elegance and a prestigious individual look of your car interior.

proline dywaniki samochodoweno.77 dywanik do samochodu

All car mats are equipped with stoppers which are adjusted to a specific car make and model. The mounting process is fast and very easy:
–    remove rubber or velour mats you have used so far;
–    put relevant car mats on the car floor: the driver’s mat has an additional dead pedal protection (a comfort zone to put a left foot down);
–    tighten the mat and fix with stoppers to the car floor by clicking once;
–    make sure that the mats are stable.

no.77 dywanik do samochoduno.77 wycieraczka samochodowa

Car mats are easy to clean. Due to their unique structure, dirt can be easily washed. It is enough to wipe them off with a cloth or wash with water. Due to their high resistance, you can also use a pressure washer. Car mats can be cleaned with detergents, but we advise you against using glossing agents, which grease the mat, as a result of which dirt is likely to stick to the surface. Car mats are completely carefree: no additional maintenance is necessary and you can save your precious time.

dryzone wkładka do bagażnika elastycznadryzone wkładka do bagażnika elastyczna

This is very simple. The boot mat is very light and elastic. Thus, take the rolled car mat out of the box and spread the external side (you will recognise it by protruding edges). Then, delicately shape all protruding high edges. When the mat is smoothed out as desired, place it inside the boot directly on the upholstery and ready!

el toro gumowe dywaniki samochodoweel toro gumowe wycieraczki samochodowe

Each set of our car mats is anti-slip due to special projections which keep the mat in place on the upholstery. The mounting process is fast and very easy:
–    remove rubber or velour mats you have used so far;
–    put relevant car mats on the car floor: the driver’s mat is additionally strengthened under pedals;
–    fix floor bolts in the special mounting holes of the car mat;
–    put the car mat on fastening elements and attach to the car floor to keep them stable.


el toro gumowe wycieraczki do samochoduel toro gumowe dywaniki do samochodu

Yes, the rubber we use to produce our car mats is odourless even at a very high temperature. It is also non-toxic because it does not contain latex, cadmium, lead or harmful PVC. Rubber car mats are produced of materials coming partially from certified recycled raw materials. For your comfort, the rubber car mats are enriched with a subtle, very delicate and non-irritant vanilla aroma.


Producent frogumProducent frogum

Of course! Our intellectual property is our wealth. Therefore, the industrial design of each product line – ProLine, No.77, DryZone and El Toro – whether for a fitted boot mat or a fitted car mat, has been registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office – Euipo. Thus, all our designs are patented throughout the EU. In addition, industrial designs for the ProLine product line, 3D boot mats and 3D car mats, have been patented by the USPTO in the US Department of Commerce – thus registering the design in the United States.

projektanci frogumprojektanci frogum

Yes! Creativity and production control from A to Z is our passion and DNA inscribed in FroGum.

From the very beginning, each line was produced by our graphic designers based not only on the latest trends, but also on a market interview made earlier, as to the aesthetic preferences of potential customers. On an equal footing with aesthetics, we have always considered functionality, which should result from the pattern of both car mats and trunk mats. We never forget that our car mats and trunk mats must be practical – that is why the texture of the pattern should be arranged in such a way and deep enough to collect liquids and dirt that gets on the car wiper. In addition, the higher the outer edges of the rug and mat – the more effective the protection of the floor covering.

Our designs are elegantly balanced – the proportions create our distinctive style, giving a sense of scale and beauty to each model of our brands – ProLine, No.77, DryZone and El Toro.

granulat frogumgranulat frogum

FroGum always cares about the safety of the materials used, and their safety for the user is the company’s priority. For the production of car mats and car mats made of rubber and TPE, we use raw materials exclusively from suppliers with a reputable market position. Each raw material has appropriate approvals and a safety data sheet. Most of our suppliers are European companies. When choosing a partner, we always take into account whether a given raw material has the right quality and contains elements of recycling. Our technology is adapted to the production of raw materials containing primary raw materials and recyclate.

magazyny frogummagazyny frogum

At FroGum, we always focus on honesty and clear rules. Due to the transparency of our sales strategy, we have introduced specific rules between our partners and us, regulating and accelerating internal processes. Each terms of cooperation, including the determination of minimum orders, are set individually at the beginning of each cooperation with our Partner, and also adapted to the current needs – if necessary modified during its duration depending on the degree of strategy development, sales, and other factors strictly affecting the nature of each collaboration.

At FroGum, we always focus on partnership.

zamówienia frogumzamówienia frogum

FroGum has a long-term team of professionals who have been working for us for many years, and even in many cases from the very beginning of our company. Therefore, they have excellent knowledge of the automotive rubber accessories market, as well as the production process and order fulfillment. The flat organizational structure of FroGum allows to precisely define the scope of duties of individual employees, thanks to which our Partners receive transparent and clear rules of cooperation.

Each order goes directly to the Sales Department, supported by qualified Customer Advisors, thanks to which each of our partners is treated individually, receives the necessary support in the field of product knowledge and the order fulfillment process.

At FroGum, we always focus on partnership.

frogum magazynyfrogum magazyny

In accordance with individually agreed terms of cooperation, the execution of orders begins immediately. Depending on the size of the order, shipping takes up to 2 weeks.

frogum dywaniki samochodowefrogum dywaniki samochodowe

FroGum, thanks to appropriate, advance production planning, is able to meet even the very demanding requirements of the demand for car mats and car mats – hence fully stocked, modern warehouses and unlimited access to products. At FroGum, we always stick to the agreed shipment dates for our partners’ orders!

frogum-spedycjafrogum spedycja

The experienced FroGum team always helps customers to organize transport and safely deliver our car mats and car mats. We do not deal directly with the forwarding of our products, however, we work closely with forwarding companies that enable us to deliver orders to our customers around the world in a fast, organized and safe manner.

wielkie magazyny frogumwielkie magazyny frogum

FroGum enables contracting deliveries on individually defined conditions. We are the only manufacturer of car mats and car mats on the market that allows our partners to contract orders in advance.

siedziba frogum Grodzisk Mazowieckisiedziba frogum Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Huge – over 7,000 sq m – modern FroGum warehouses are located in the center of Europe, in central Poland – at the entrance to the A2 motorway at the height of Grodzisk Mazowiecki, very close to Warsaw. This allows for a very efficient expansion of European countries, therefore the average delivery time for car mats and trunk mats is from 24 hours to 4 business days.