Our company has been already operating
in the automotive market for over 35 years.

The beginning was not easy, but we remember it with a smile. That was the late communist era, when it was difficult to make anything. At first, you had to arrange for and then buy goods. And we can say that the history came full circle because at present raw materials are hardly available and we have to fight to acquire them.

In recent years we have changed our assortment, name, and registered office. Our company was joint by the next generation of our family. We were not able to avoid the reef of the wild capitalism and transformation or world economic crises. But we always face turbulences with the same approach:

„… there is an opportunity
in each crisis …”

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

Despite of those initial difficulties, we have been loyal to our values.Independently of anything, the values we chose at the beginning have not changed. Our key values are: orientation on a human being, durability, passion of creation, and partnership.

Our family business has grown thanks to new specialists and the second generation of our family. That has given us a new injection of energy and ideas. The company has commenced its rapid international expansion and widens its offer all the time.

Thanks to that, we are a thriving company that focuses on its continuous development. We are proud of our successes, which motivate us to set ambitious future plans.

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