We are proud to be a family company

The relay of generations is a cornerstone of our success.

We are certain that this is the foundation of our unique work ethics.

Our values protect a long-term business.
The value that we put on the highest as a family business
the position is honesty. Competing in the markets
global means a commitment to us
to apply clear rules in business.

What drives us?

What drives us? What drives us?
  • Caring for
    the quality
    of the product
  • Satisfaction
  • Building
    and brand
  • Caring for the
    team – The man
    in the spotlight
  • Caring for
    the environment
    – recycling
Misja Frogum Konstruktor Jutra


Constructor of Tomorrow

The future belongs to the Creators of Tomorrow:
imagination, creativity and the will to go beyond
borders with us. A long successful history
FroGum’s development stems from being responsible
and far-sighted business policy
according to the principle:

“We think about tomorrow today”


Along with the development of new technologies and innovations, we aim at ensuring conform to Drivers by improving their travelling experience and using artificial intelligence for designing purposes.

Our purest vision is to create an automotive equivalent of haute couture. This is the future of luxury mobility.

The future belongs to the Creators of Tomorrow: their imagination, creativity and will to exceed boundaries together with us.

Our values are unshakeable towards and beyond the horizon and our vision remains clear:

Always Onwards

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We offer our business partners not only excellent quality products, but also stability, convenience and profit – and we treat it as a commitment. We believe that reliability, transparency and honesty are the basis for perfect, satisfying business relationships and for generating more and more income in an easy and convenient way.

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