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El Toro car mats

Features of the El Toro mat
Dywanik El Toro
Additional reinforcement under the pedals extends the life of the mat.
Material - odorless 100% strong, elastic rubber.
Perfect match.
A practical edge protects the upholstery.
Easy fixing - holes for fixing the rug in the floor, with the possibility of installing additional stoppers.
Functional pattern in the form of a check.
  • Easy to assemble
    and clean
  • Quality at a good
  • Practical
    and functional
  • Odourless
    with delicate
    vanilla scent

Complex offer

In order to continuously expand our model range, FroGum specialists have developed
special durable El Toro mats for cars, vans and trucks.

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  • vans
  • trucks

What makes
El Toro car mats

Mocne i wytrzymałe

Strong and durable

- the material of El Toro car mats is 100% elastic rubber with the highest resistance to abrasion, oils and even chemicals. It retains its flexibility with temperature changes, it does not deform even after many years. Weather resistance makes car mats durable all year round.



- El Toro car mats have been reinforced in the most sensitive areas, making them solid and reliable. Easy mounting and non-slip tabs make car wipers very safe.

Niezawodne i bezproblemowe

Reliable and hassle-free

- El Toro matching car mats are very easy to install. Car wipers have a standard edge height - 3 cm - which, combined with the appropriate shape of the surface, provide good protection for the car against dirt. They are also very easy to clean and do not need any additional maintenance.

Bezpieczna i ekologiczna ochrona

Safe and ecological protection

- rubber of El Toro mats made of certified flexible materials that are harmless to health, respecting the environment - and the material is recyclable.



- El Toro rubber car mats are without the unpleasant smell of rubber, but with the addition of a delicate vanilla aroma.

Zawsze dobrze dopasowane

Always a good fit

- thanks to advanced car measurements by our technologists, El Toro car mats are well suited to the interior of each car and adhere well to the floor, protecting the upholstery

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El Toro - Strength which will never let you down
  • Hassle-free
  • Durable
    and Robust
  • Reliable
  • Durable

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of our mats

Perfect match *** *** ***
Material TPE TPE Rubber
Edge to 7cm to 4cm 1,5cm
Fastening Fixing clips Fixing clips Prepared for the mounting system – holes
Odorless with a delicate vanilla aroma * * *
Surface structure Power Halt Unique Surface Power Halt Unique Surface
Edge reinforcement Max Edge Max Edge
Strengthening under the pedals *
Dead Pedal * *
Non-slip surface * * *
Temperature resistance * * *
Maintenance and cleaning Easy Easy Easy
Protection level Maximum High Regular
Eco product * * *
Weight 3,8 kg 3,7 kg 4,5 kg
The most important features Top quality and style Good value for money Durable and inexpensive
Car mats * * *
Van mats * * *
Truck mats * *