MudMax tractor mats

1. Super thick TPE material mechanically and chemically resistant for maximum durability
2. Super tall edges for maximum floor coverage
3. Perfect fit thanks to the innovative 3D SCAN technology
4. Anti-slip surface and design ensure safety in harshest working conditions
5. Modern design holds all dirt and liquids for safety and easy cleaning
  • Durable
    and Robust
  • Safe
  • Comprehensive
  • Odourless
    with delicate
    vanilla scent

What makes
MudMax tractor mats

1. UltraFlex Dual Polymer Technology - extreme strength and durability

- is a unique composition of materials with the highest abrasion resistance even in extreme conditions. The MudMax tractor mat retains its flexibility and elasticity -50 degrees C to +110 degrees C. They are also resistant to chemicals, UV and abrasion. The material of the MudMax tractor mat is by far the thickest and most durable of the entire FroGum product range.

2. MaxEdge Technology - comprehensive protection

- the tall edges of the MudMax tractor mat, specially turned up on the market have been stiffened so that they never deform. At the same time, the high edge designed in such a way that it perfectly adheres to the cabin floor and walls.

3. Unbeatable fit - innovative 3D scanning

- our experts precisely use innovative 3D technology to scan the interiors of all machines, so that the MudMax tractor mat fits perfectly to a specific tractor model. After the prototype is made, each model is tried on "live" and only then allowed for mass production. This ensures the MudMax tractor mats not only provide full protection to the cabin floor but also allows no movement of the product ensuring safety and providing reliable surface for the operator.

4. Safe working environment

- the MudMax tractor mat is made of certified materials that are harmless to health, respecting the protection of the environment - the material is 100% recyclable. The mat is flexible and easy to keep clean, it can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

5. Special design for harsh conditions

- while designing the MudMax tractor mat, our experts took into consideration difficult working conditions full of fluids and mud. This resulted in deep design made to channel and contain all material from the outside inside the grooves, maintaining the grip and furthermore improving safety and comfort. This and all of the above makes MudMax tractor mats a perfect accesory for your reliable tools.

  • Comprehensive
  • Durable
    and Robust
  • Easy to assemble
    and clean
  • Reliable

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