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How do
we operate

Independence FroGum enables quick decisions

As a family company, we are free to take all our decisions and actions. This is based on independence of the supply chain and the inspection of each element of the production process. Thanks to such a strategy, we are able to be independent of economic fluctuations in all operating areas or in individual markets. Our masterly use of key technologies in every detail is another element of our autonomy.

Dążymy do długofalowych relacji i satysfakcji

We aim at long-standing relationships and satisfaction

We seek close cooperation with our business partners based on loyalty, reliability and honesty. Instead of being satisfied with short-lasting successes, we aim at establishing long-standing relationships.

We provide car and boot mats and such a level of customer service that guarantee a real added value and tangible benefits to our Partners. Our principle is: be satisfied with your work only if your business partner is satisfied. Our business philosophy is based on partnership and satisfaction.

We always assume that business must be profitable to both parties.

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We persist in being one step forward

FroGum means continuous innovations and creative idea management. Our achievements form the basis for improvements in all operating areas of our company.

The passion of creation is our DNA. We are ready to face even the most difficult technological challenges. Our decentralised corporate structure lets us respond flexibly and quickly and implement new product lines.

Our rule: convert ideas fast into actual results

Our goal is to achieve a technological progress to the best interest of our Partners. We invest all the time to set new trends.

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We construct Tomorrow

Our products and services must always meet such standards that have been ambitiously set by FroGum: top quality and efficient support for our Partners in their business goals. To make sure that we provide first-rate car and boot mats, we invest in our machinery and modern large warehouse continuously.