DryZone trunk mats

Features of the DryZone insert
Wkładka DryZone
Perfectly fits the shape of the boot thanks to the innovative 3D scanning technology.
The edge prevents dirt from spilling out of the mat.
Lightweight and flexible - easy to use.
  • Durable
    and Robust
  • Safe
  • Comprehensive
  • Odourless
    with delicate
    vanilla scent

What makes
DryZone trunk mats

mata dryzone niezawodna idealnie dopasowana do bagażnika


- Dryzone boot liner helps to keep the car tidy all year round. The Dryzone car mat is odorless with the addition of a delicate, relaxing aroma of vanilla.

Galeria wkładki DryZone 02

Solid and durable

- the Dryzone boot mat is made of the highest-quality TPE material, a proprietary FroGum compound. The insert for the car is resistant to deformation, retains its flexibility to temperature changes, and is resistant to chemicals and abrasion.

Galeria wkładki DryZone 03

Practical and hassle-free

- the perfectly fitted Dryzone car insert has high edges adjacent to the boot, which provide excellent protection against dirt. The trunk mat does not require any additional maintenance.

Bezpieczna i ekologiczna ochrona

Safe and ecological protection

- Dryzone boot liner is made of certified materials that are harmless to health, respecting the protection of the environment - the material is 100% recyclable.

Funkcjonalne rozwiązania

Functional solutions

- Dryzone car insert is light and non-slip, thanks to which it does not slide on the floor. It allows you to keep the trunk clean and tidy and it is very easy to install.

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DryZone - Everything under control! Nothing will surprise you!
  • Quality
    at a good price
  • Comprehensive
  • Easy to assemble
    and clean
  • Practical
    and functional

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of our boot liners

Fit *** **
Material TPE TPE
Edge to 7 cm to 3,5 cm
Organizer function *
Holes for the net fastening system * *
Odorless with a delicate vanilla aroma * *
Surface structure Power Halt Unique Surface Power Halt Unique Surface
Edge reinforcement Max Edge Max Edge
Non-slip surface * *
Temperature resistance * *
Maintenance and cleaning Easy Easy
Protection level Maximum High
Eco product * *
Weight 2,4 kg 1,7 kg
The most important features High quality and style Practical and light
Car inserts * *