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The apple of our eye
is a “zero waste” economy

Our expertise in plastics processing and our experience with rubber automotive accessories in the European market enable us and our customers to collaboratively create cutting-edge technology for manufacturing car mats and boot liners, aligned with the latest trends.

Within our research laboratory, we uphold the highest standards in the production of car mats and inserts, while also pioneering new production technologies and concepts for future products.

The synergy of premium components and advanced production techniques has led to the development of composites that markedly minimize post-production waste.


We are independent manufacturer from A to Z

Scanning floor carsProjects carpet design and inserts to the car
Projects forms for everyone model mat and insertExecution forms for everyone model rug and liner
Creation copyright mixtures regranulateCreation sheets for the production mats and inserts
Production final mats and insertsControl qualityProjects communication marketing
Pack and markingImplementation orders
Order forwarding

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