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there is a “zero waste” economy

Our knowledge in the field of plastics processing and the experience gained in the field of rubber automotive accessories on the European market allows us and our customers to jointly develop the most advanced technology for the production of car mats and boot liners according to the latest trends.

In our research laboratory, we control the production of car mats and inserts to the highest standards and develop new ideas for production technology and next-generation products.

The combination of high-quality components with innovative production technology allowed to achieve composites that significantly reduce post-production waste.

We are independent manufacturer from A to Z

scanning floors carsprojects carpet design and inserts to the car
projects forms for everyone mat and insertexecution forms for everyone model rug and liner
creation copyright mixtures regranulatecreations sheets for the production mats and inserts
production funal mats and insertscintrol qualityprojects communication marketing
packing and markingimplementation orders
order forwarding

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We offer our business partners not only excellent quality products, but also stability, convenience and profit – and we treat it as a commitment. We believe that reliability, transparency and honesty are the basis for perfect, satisfying business relationships and for generating more and more income in an easy and convenient way.

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