Trunk mats – tailored for car model

Trunk mats – tailored for car model

Our  trunk mats help arrange the items functionally and keep them in place during travel. They are made of high quality plastic, tailored to the specific car model.


The  trunk mats in our offer are made of high quality TPE rubber. This is a very flexible material, highly resistant to external conditions, such as UV light and various weather conditions. It will also survive spilled fuel or lubricants. Therefore, our  trunk mats perfectly protect your  trunk against dust and dirt and are highly resistant to damage.

Unique design and high functionality

The liner is designed as an organizer so that you can arrange small items and prevent them from shifting while the car moves. The mat is well fitted to the shape of the  trunk and makes it  easy to use the  fastening brackets. It is easy to keep clean, which makes it  durable and long lasting. An aesthetic design will add a nice look and a unique character to the interior of the trunk of your car.




Trunk mats