Floor mats designed specifically for vans. High quality, high functionality, and high endurance that is compatible and specific to any model of van.


Rubber mats tailored to every van

With water and mud collecting on them, our rubber mats are an indispensable addition to  your van, both in winter and on rainy days. Our unique method of manufacturing material prevents slipping or displacement of the mats during driving. We regularly expand our offer by adding products tailored to the most recent models.

High quality, endurance and unique material

You don’t have to worry about their endurance because we reinforced the mats by placing  a convex grate at sensitive areas to prevent rapid wear and tear.

From the outset of the design stage, we make sure that our mats are practically odourless, with just a delicate vanilla aroma. They are also very easy to clean. There is a 1 cm high rim around the mat and a concave grate on the mat surface which helps to collect all dirt and prevents the vehicle from getting dirty.

              Exemplary product- model-tailored car mats


Model-tailored car mats