Truck drivers, who spend many hours in their vehicles every day, deserve equipment that will be strong enough to withstand long days of travel and intensive use.


Rubber floor mats that perform perfectly in trucks

Rubber mats manufactured according to our unique formula. High quality and resistant to all weather conditions, being in extreme sunshine, rain, or mud. They perfectly collect all dirt and prevent the vehicle interior from getting dirty. They are well tailored to each individual truck model.

Widest range of truck floor mats

We use an innovative unique method of manufacturing motor vehicle floor mats. We scan the interior of the vehicle ourselves and manufacture the mats at our own plant, with all necessary innovations implemented on an ongoing basis. This makes our mats top quality products, which are exactly what professional truck drivers need.

As a result of the ongoing analysis of our clients’ needs we continuously update   our array of products  by adding new designs fitted to the newest models of trucks.

            Exemplary product- model- tailored car mats


Model-tailored car mats