Car floor mats that are superb in rainy weather and during winter, easy to clean and individually  tailored to your specific vehicle model. That’s what our car floor mats are!


Rubber mats tailored to your needs

The mats are carefully designed and made of high quality material, tailored to the specific model of your vehicle. All water and mud will  collect on them so you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your car all year round.

With our innovative method of manufacturing, we regularly expand our offer by adding new models. Currently, our store offers the widest range of rubber mats on the market.


What makes our rubber mats so special?

They don’t slip, which makes driving your car safer and more comfortable. We reinforced them by placing a convex grate at sensitive areas to prevent rapid wear and tear. The concave grate and one-centimetre rims around the mats ensure that all dirt is contained to the mat only.. We also made sure that the mats  are easy to clean and prevent an unpleasant smell by adding a delicate vanilla aroma.


Model-tailored car mats