Our products

We are a manufacturer of motor vehicle accessories tailored to individual models, including passenger cars, vans and trucks. We offer rubber mats, 3D floor mats and 3D trunk mats.

The widest range of products on the European market

We offer two groups of product:


Basic - rubber floor mats. Tailored individually to each vehicle make and model.

Dryzone. The Dryzone line are trunk liners made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), tailored individually to each vehicle make and model.


Pro-line 3D floor mats. Well fitted deep 3D Pro-line floor mats, made of high quality thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), providing perfect sealing and protecting the vehicle floor and skirtings against dirt.

Pro-line 3D trunk mats. A leader in this product line on the international market. Deep trunk mats, perfectly fitted to the shape of the floor, made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), sealing and protecting the trunk space against dirt.

Why are our motor vehicle floor mats special?

The location of our warehouse makes it a great logistics centre, thus reducing delivery times. Our warehouses are located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, a town within the metropolitan area of WarsaEach product in our offer is designed and manufactured from A to Z by our company and it is individually tailored based on the scanned image of the interior of the vehicle. The quality of the materials we use has been refined by our technology engineers for many years. The large scale of production and the ISO standards applied ensure repeatably high quality, while the high inventory levels make it possible for us to process purchase orders in an extremely short time.w, only 4 kilometres away from the A2 highway exit.

Over 1800 products available in total in our offer

In our offer you will find more than 700 types of rubber floor mats and more than 700 trunk mats. The list of deep 3D mats and Dryzone liners is growing fast. Check the list regularly to make sure that you don’t miss any new products.

How do we manufacture our products?

The first step is scanning the vehicle interiors of individual models, which is performed by our experts. The scans are then sent to our design department. The most important stage is the manufacturing process which results in a top quality, finished product.