About our company

We are a manufacturer of accessories for cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks. Our portfolio includes rubber car mats tailored to individual car models, mats for individual car makes and all-purpose car mats. We offer also mud flaps for cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks, either all-purpose type or with personalised graphics. In 2016 we have developed a new production line of trunk mats with organizer.

Frogum was established in 1985. Initially, as a small family business, we offered products in the local market only. However, the stable quality of our products was soon appreciated and as the production experience and the insight in the Polish and foreign markets grew and a new generation of employees joined our company, in 2010 we started a dynamic development by introducing car mats fitting all car makes and models.

This was possible with the personal commitment of the employees and the innovative product implementation method. Our primary goal was the systematic adaptation of our portfolio to the needs of our customers, improvement of the quality and efficient customer service. With these qualities our products have attracted customers in more than 35 countries which provides us with real prospects of creating a global brand.

The consistent implementation of our plans was accompanied by moving our company to the new headquarters located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki in 2013. Further expansion increased production and warehouse space.

A very convenient location in the Warsaw agglomeration, 4 km from the A2 motorway, significantly improves the logistics of our business.

Satisfaction of our customers is our personal success and a basis for further development.

Frogum- car mats and mud flaps producer