About our company

Frogum- car mats and mud flaps producer


We are a manufacturer of high quality motor vehicle car mats and trunk mats, which help keep your car clean. We have been operating on the market since 1985 in more than 35 countries, offering approximately 1800 products. With the satisfaction of clients as our motivation, we are constantly growing and improving our products.


Who are we?


Our company, Frogum, was set up in 1985 as a small family business. In the beginning, we offered small rubber accessories on the local market, but as our manufacturing experience grew, our company was growing dynamically, too. As a result, our products started to be sold in more and more countries throughout Europe.


In 2010, we expanded our business to include rubber floor mats tailored to specific car makes and now we specialize in the manufacturing of accessories tailored to a specific motor vehicle model. Our products are intended for passenger cars, vans, and trucks. We offer rubber mats, 3D mats and 3D trunk mats. The matrix for each product is designed based on the laser measurement of the floor in each individual vehicle model, which guarantees perfect fit.


Why choose us?


We have implemented innovative methods of manufacturing, which help us adapt our offer very efficiently to our clients’ needs. We constantly work on improving the quality of products and streamlining the processing of purchase orders. We are a company that has created a global brand – our products are distributed in 35 countries worldwide, including the USA.

Our manufacturing and warehouse space in Grodzisk Mazowiecki is about 8,000 square meters. Due to the large stock levels, we can reduce the lead time to a minimum. The delivery time is also reduced as a result of the convenient location of our distribution centre, only 4 km away from the A2 highway.


Dynamic development and top quality car floor mats


We are a customer-oriented company and we want all our clients to be satisfied. That’s why we divided our products into two groups: “Standard”, in which we offer basic accessories, and “ProLine”, comprising products with elevated rims and top quality functionality. When designing our floor mats and trunk mats, we scan the interior of each vehicle ourselves, which allows for a perfect finish of each product.

We are a family run company and we make business decisions efficiently and without delay. At every stage of production, we attach great value to the high quality of the products we offer. We are constantly evolving as a company, adding new products to our offer, and – last but not least – we do it with passion.